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It's been a while!

Hey everyone! I hope you're doing well! I haven't posted here in a while, and wanted to check in and answer some questions coming in.

How is life?

CRAZY! We're adapting to our kids new way of school - at home learning. It's so tough and I have so much respect for those who teach their littles at home on a regular basis!

What am I working on?

Royce's book and I just finished up a short story that comes out NEXT MONTH! News on who it's about will be announced in todays Newsletter. You can sign up to receive these here ( you might miss this one, but another coming in a few short weeks!):

When will Royce's book be ready for you?

Honestly, no word yet! I'm still working on it. He's complex and takes so much attention! I will tell you I LOVE his leading lady SO much!

What comes after Royce?

A complete standalone! I'll give some more info on this a little later but I DIE over it!

When will we get more info about Girls of Greyson Prep, the Brayshaw spin off?

Closer to the holidays I should have an announcement of sorts! Meanwhile, you can add to your TBR!

What am I reading?

Midnight Sun, of course!! Love the Twilight world!

I hope the year has been kind to you. Stay safe!

<3 Meagan.

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