**** Series Announcement ****

Over the last eight months you've made your guesses, and the answer is FINALLY here!! 

AUGUST of 2019 I dropped the very first GOGP hint, and immediately started searching for the perfect casting of girls for the photoshoot! How I hid these babies for 5 months I don't even know!!!! 

I'm SO excited to announce...

GIRLS OF GREYSON PREP will be my next series!! 

Name not ringing a bell??!! 

In Reign of Brayshaw, we met the head of the five families, men who rule over their towns such as our beloved Brayshaws! The Riveras (from Wrong For Me), the Gravens, the Brayshaws, the Haciendas, and ...dun dun dun... THE GREYSONS!!


AND!!! Within this series there is an even BIGGER secret, a secret that you'll find out once CHAPTER ONE is in your hands!!! Watch for more GOGP news in the coming months!

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