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Reign of Brayshaw excerpt!!!

This is it.

The broody rich boy was never supposed to fall for the project problem child anyway, and the problem child never should have allowed herself to believe her world could be more than settling and survival.

I run my tongue along my teeth, lifting my chin to grip his bottom lip between them. I clamp down until he growls lightly.

“My baby.” His eyes close. “She doesn’t bare her teeth in vain,” he whispers, running his tongue along the wound. “She bites.”

His lips hit mine and he kisses me rough, demanding, but then it shifts. His muscles fall, his hands sliding into my hair with a gentleness he’s fighting to control. He savors every swipe of his tongue, every move of his mouth against mine.

He takes his time knowing we have no more.

Tomorrow, it all changes.


Reign of Brayshaw is COMING! 17 DAYS!!

Wide users, be sure you pre-order as come release day, ROB will be exclusive to Amazon!

We're so close guys!!!!




Amazon: no pre-order, live on release day (10/3/19)


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