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Readers interview the Brayshaw Crew!!

Reader -Nicole H: Maddoc, why can’t you share, boo?

Royce: Yeah, Maddoc, why can’t you?

Maddoc: *glares at Royce, then looks to Nicole* I can share fine, don’t fucking want to. Won’t unless I have to.

Reader – Cheril O: Cap, please tell me you won’t end up with Victoria?

Raven: *head snaps toward him* wait, what?

Royce: aah, shit!

Maddoc: *shakes his head*

Raven: when the hell did this happen?

Cap: when did what happen? *glares at Cheril*

Raven: are you and Victoria—

Cap: Cheril is trying to stir up shit. Next question.

Reader- Amanda: Cap or Royce, if you could have, would you have called dibs on Raven?

Raven: they’re not answering—

Captain: yes.

Royce: tried to.

Maddoc: *stares at Raven*

Royce: we knew damn quick she was ours, just didn’t know which one of us was hers. The second it was clear, she went from ours to claim to ours to protect. Simple as that.

Reader – Kay: Cap, if it came down to saving Raven or your brothers who would you choose?

Captain: Raven, without a second thought. I know my brothers. If I saved them over her they’d hate me for it, and I’d lose everyone I love at once.

Raven: fuck that! I’d hate you for saving me.

Captain: but you’d forgive me. They wouldn’t.

Reader - Lucy: Maddoc, when did you know Raven was more than a back seat f**k?

Raven: wow

Maddoc: *smirks* we all know she's a solid backseat fuck.

Raven: *hides face* oh my god

Maddoc: *chuckles* when she first fought against me I thought maybe. When she first fought for me, I knew for sure. She didn't think about it, just did it because she could.

Reader - Megan: Raven, what would you do if you caught Maddoc cheating.

Raven: ever heard of Lorena Bobbitt? *pulls out knife, and makes cutting motion over her jeans*

Reader - Veronica: Maddoc, can we cuddle?

Raven: *jumps from her seat* yeah, we’re done here.


Hope that was as fun for you as it was for me!!

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