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First Look into Be My Brayshaw

“If I have to be the bad guy to make you feel better, fine. Consider me warned, Cap. And fuck right off.”

I shove at his chest, pushing past him when he calls, “Try and leave and I’ll lock you in that room like a proper fucking princess.” A laugh bubbles out of me, and slowly, I spin to face him. “Typical broken boy bullshit,” I snap, and his brows crash in the center. “Can’t hardly look at me but can’t stand to see me go.” Head cocked, he glares through thick lashes, his tongue sneaking out to dab at the blood in the corner of his mouth. “Say what you want, I’m not fucking joking.” “Do you really think I would give up my place if you don’t come along with it?” I ask, shaking my head. “I won’t.” Want More !!!

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I LOVED Be My Brayshaw!! This entire series is OUTSTANDING and I can't wait for the next!!!

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