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Meagan Brandy 

Copyright © Meagan Brandy 2019


All rights reserved. This book, or any portion thereof, may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

No copyright infringement intended. No claims have been made over songs and/or lyrics written. All credit goes to the original owner.

Dear Reader, 

This is a ‘quickie’ erotica featuring an already known and established character from my BRAYSHAW world. This takes you behind closed doors, giving you a front row seat to his sexcapades, and lets you inside his head for one, dirty, wickedly pleasing night of fun. This is in no way a hint to his story, other than getting a feel for what Royce Brayshaw will be like when the lights turn off and the heat turns up! I hope you enjoy. You do not have to read all of the series to enjoy. If you like it hot, you’ll love this!


If you would like to meet him first, you can find book one, 

Boys of Brayshaw High, here:


XO, Meagan.





Chloe is sittin’ in my lap, in full-on rider’s position – chest to chest, pussy to cock – as my boy Mac smashes toward the cabin we’re staying in tonight since my brother is smashin’ his new wifey in Mac’s, and the Brayshaw cabin is occupied by another fucked up, wannabe couple.

When Mac asked me earlier if I was up for partying, there was no question what he meant, and the answer was a quick and easy hell fuckin’ yeah, but he knew that before he brought it up. 

This kind of fun isn’t new to us, our threesome game’s strong.

And what else would you do when your boy goes and gets himself a girl other than have a solid, sweaty, party for three? 

So, yeah, easy decision. 

Mac hits a small ditch, and my right hand flies up to grip the roll bar, my left, squeezing onto Chloe’s thigh a little harder.

She bites into her bottom lip, her eyes repeatedly sliding to her man, a little unsure he’s really on board with what’s about to go down even though he kissed her and eased her down when I first pulled her onto me.

He senses her hesitation and slows, now coasting down the final stretch to her cabin. His eyes slide to mine, so I reach between us to keep the steering wheel straight while he grabs Chloe by the chin and takes her mouth. 

My dick grows beneath her and after another swipe of his tongue, she does what he wants, and starts grinding, seeking out the pressure her body needs. 

“There you go, baby,” he hums, slowly pulling away and refocusing on driving. 

I’m hard as fuck now, ready to slide inside something warm, her mouth first if I have my way.

I grip her ass and tug her closer and she gasps, but her hips roll a little deeper, fighting to feel what I’ve got to offer.

Within a minute, Mac is parking and looking to me. “Ready?”

“Ask your girl.” I smirk.

The two laugh and the three of us climb out.

Chloe unlocks the door and I stay on her heels, following her inside while Mac trails in behind me.

They’ll be no waiting, no drinks to blame the night on or lead up necessary.

Everyone in this room is horny and ready to roll, and not one of us is known to be shy when it comes to sex.

Chloe stands in the center of the room, her eyes trailing Mac as he walks toward the stereo in the left corner. Not thirty seconds later, music streams low through the room, what songs, I have no clue, ‘cause my blood is pumping too hard and quick to pay that much attention. 

When Mac’s heavy footsteps sound that he’s back, I start us off.

“So, what up, Mac?” I grab a piece of Chloe’s hair, sliding it between my fingers with my eyes locked on hers. “Same as with the others, equal reign?” I cut a glance over my shoulder as he walks up. 

He grips her hand, tugging her along as he drops his ass on the edge of the couch a few feet in front of me. 

I stand back, watching, waiting for them to work out what they need before we can play.

It’s a necessary move when you party with a couple. 

There has to be rules. 

She’s his to have, with the exception of tonight.

Mac locks eyes with her, sliding his fingertips over her jaw. 

“Nah, my man, not this one,” he rasps, and Chloe’s hand flies up to grip his wrist as her breathing picks up. “Tell him, Chlo.” He cocks his head. “What can he have, hm?”

“Everything.” Her answer is instant, her hand dragging his down her body until his fingertips are hooking into the top of her dress and tugging it down just over her left tit. “Everything but this,” she adds in a whisper.

Mac’s hands meet the backs of her thighs, pushing the thin material of her dress up and over her perky ass, teasing me with her bright blue thong.

He knows I’m an ass man.

“That’s right. He couldn’t have your heart if he wanted it, ‘cause it’s already mine, ain’t it, baby?” he murmurs, squeezing those cheeks, his hands disappearing between her legs.

Chloe’s moan has me straining against my slacks. “Yes.”

He meets my eyes briefly, giving a small nod before he looks back to her, so I begin unbuttoning my shirt.

“Good girl.” He stands to his full height, towering over her small frame. “Now, ask him what he wants... and give it to him. Show him what my baby can do.”

My groin heats.

Chloe’s head snaps over her shoulder, her eyes officially starting the fucking we’re about to do. “No holding back, no issues later?” she asks Mac while trailing the tattoos on my arms and chest with her greedy gaze. 

Mac spins her body to face me as he stands behind her, and slowly he tugs her dress up and over her head, letting it fall beside them. “Tomorrow, you’re mine, but tonight? You’re ours.” Having been unclasped already, he slides her bra down her arms.

Full, heavy tits jiggle before me, nipples hard as rocks and begging to be sucked on. 

“And look at him, Chloe,” he whispers. “Tonight, he’s yours, too.”

She visibly shudders where she stands, her eyes growing more hooded the longer she stares.

“Come here,” I instruct her.

She doesn’t hesitate.

In nothing but her underwear and six-inch heels only she’d think to wear to a cabin in the woods, she makes her way to me.

With a single finger under her chin, I tip her head back. 

I allow my warm breath to cascade across her mouth, bringing my lips only inches from hers.

Her chest rises with her deep inhales and she pauses.

“We’re gonna fuck you, Chloe,” I whisper and her body trembles where she stands. “I hope you’re ready, ‘cause they’ll be no sleep for you tonight.”

I press my lips to hers.





Chloe gasps against my mouth, so I take advantage of the opening and slide my tongue inside, teasing her with a taste only to deny her of any more.

“Such a pretty mouth,” I murmur. “Show me what it can do.”

She licks her lips, her eyes sliding to Mac when he’s suddenly beside us, setting a pillow on the floor. He stays on his knees, lacing their fingers together as she drops to hers.

Mac shuffles so he’s behind her, placing one leg over hers so he can press against her back. “Should we take the shoes off or leave them on?” He runs his hand along her legs.

“On. Could be fun later.” I tip my chin to her. “Take my belt off.”

Her hands come up, but she takes her time feeling my lower stomach, leaning in to press her lips against my skin as she pulls the thick leather from around my body and tosses it to the side. 

Mac peels his tux jacket off behind her, letting it fall, and starts working on his shirt next.

I kick off my shoes, pushing them to the side.

Chloe takes the hint and unbuttons my pants next, letting them hook around my hips. 

My dick is hard, straining against the Italian silk of my briefs and only inches from her face.

Chloe peeks over her shoulder once more, but Mac glares at her, shaking his head. 


That’s what he’s telling her without words.

I drop to my knees and her eyes slide back to mine. 

I reach forward, clamp her nipples between my knuckles and tug. 

Her moan is instant, and Mac’s low growl follows, as I knew it would.

“You hear that?” I lean in a little, pinch harder, and her head falls back on his shoulder, but she keeps those eyes on me. “Reach around and feel him. Now.”

She does and her lip pulls between her teeth. 

“Your man gets off knowing you’re feelin’ good,” I tell her. “Don’t hold back, don’t stop to think. Let him see, let him hear.” I drop my mouth, flicking her nipple with my tongue and her hips buck.

Mac’s hand instantly comes around to cup her pussy and he moans with her. 

“Your pleasure will make him go mad, he’ll give it to you harder, and you’ll love every second of it.”

She nods, tilts her head and captures his lips, so I release her and stand.

Mac takes her hand off his dick and places it against mine, closing her fingers around me, and she whimpers, tearing her mouth from his with a harsh exhale.

I can see it in her dark eyes, they’ll be no more hesitation to come from her tonight. 

Ready and willing, just how I like it.

“Go on, girl. Taste me.”

Her pupils grow larger as she scoots closer, using both hands to tug my boxers from my hips and leaving them to latch tight around my thighs. 

My dick jolts as it meets the chilled air of the cabin, and she wastes no time wrapping her fingers around me. 

She tests the feel, sliding me gingerly through her palm before giving a hard squeeze. “I knew you’d be big,” she admits, leaning in to flick her tongue across the tip, then blowing warm air over the wet spot.

Goosebumps break across my skin and she smirks. 

Her shoulders lift and I cover her hand with mine, directing myself to her lips. “Open.”

“Say please,” she teases.

I groan, pushing against her lips and she chuckles only to gasp when Mac’s hand comes down on her ass in a gentle smack.

She pulls me in her mouth, sucking as I slide deeper, then adjusting her lips so they’re full and wide as she slides back.

My head falls back and I barely register the sound of Mac’s movements, but when Chloe’s lips begin to tremble around me, and her teeth lightly clamp around my dick, I force my head upright again.

Mac’s dropped to his back, slid beneath her, and has her pussy in his mouth.

Her legs spread farther out, now completely off the small couch cushion beneath her, Mac’s head having taken its place as she grinds into his face.

I can only see a sliver of her silky center, the blue string of her underwear covering what his mouth isn’t.

She sucks me harder and my hips buck, shoving my dick farther inside. 

When her hands fly from my cock, planting on my ass to squeeze, I know she’s about to come, so I pull my dick from her mouth and bend down, biting on her nipple as she threads her fingers through my hair, dragging my face between her tits.

I kiss her chest bone, and her hands move back to my dick. She starts jerking me as she rides her man’s jaw until she goes stiff, crying out between us, Mac’s deep growl is hardly heard she’s pressing into him so hard.

We ease her through it, his mouth working less, my hands gentler, but Chloe isn’t stuck. She needs no time to recover and climbs off him with ease.

She stands in her heels, underwear still crooked and dripping in the center as her eyes travel over the two of us.

She looks to Mac’s pants, still fastened around his hips to me and mine that are still bound around my ankles. 

“Lose the bottoms and meet me in the bedroom.”

She pauses by the bar, takes a quick drink from a bottle of gin, and disappears into the hall.

Mac and I look at each other at the same time.

We laugh, drop our clothes, and head to the girl where she’s asked.





Chloe’s good, I’ll give her that, playing that phat ass card like a champ.

She’s lying flat on her stomach, bare butt staring back at us, heels still on and in the air.

She cuts a flirty smile over her shoulder, and Mac wastes no time, climbing onto the mattress.

He grips her ankles, lowering her legs down so he can kiss up them, and climb over her, 

He bites into her ass, then kisses the spot and her hands slide across the comforter. 

“You owe him another go, baby.” His hand slips beneath her and tugs, lifting her onto all fours. “Now call him over and suck him ‘til he comes. Stop, and I stop.” His fingers dip inside her and she gasps. 

 “Royce.” She licks her lips, eyes on my hard-on. “Get on the bed.”

I walk over, sliding my fingers along her back as I step by, then position myself in front of her. I sit with my back against the headboard, dick pointing to the air and she crawls forward, Mac moving with her. 

She slides her hands across my chest and down until she’s squeezing my thighs and I’m in her mouth again. 

She sucks hard, her tongue rolling as she bobs on my dick, a small gag sounding from her when she takes me too far, but she doesn’t let it faze her. 

My muscles grow stiff and I let my head fall to the wood behind it, but then the heat of her mouth is gone.

My eyes open to find Mac has pulled her from me and is straightening her spine. 

With his knees behind hers, he nudges her farther forward until her pussy is hovering over me.

Her mouth parts and her hands find my shoulders, so I grip myself, pumping, waiting. 

She lowers, sliding down my shaft as she looks back, kissing her man. 

A deep, full moan escapes me, and theirs follow.

“Ride him,” Mac growls into her mouth. “Nice and fuckin’ slow. Make him come so I can have my turn in that pussy, baby.”

I grow harder, my hands flying to her hips to grind her into me.

Like she was instructed, she fucks me, pulling her hips in and out in slow, methodical movements that has my balls drawing tight. 

My knee jerks, so she moves faster.

Mac’s hands come around to tug on her tits, and he pulls her nipples out as far as he can.

She clenches around me, sucking me in deeper, so I push up, yanking her body flush into mine, smashing her body and his hands into my chest and pump into her. 

My hands come around to spread her ass cheeks, and Mac’s fingers follow, slipping between my grip to swirl around her hole.

“You take her ass yet, Mac?” I groan, flexing inside her as she moans, her head dropping to my shoulder. 

“She’s ready.”

“Mmm... who goes first — fuck!” I stiffen my hips upward when she lifts and starts bouncing on me.

“I want her pussy. I can’t wait much longer.” He growls, his hand coming around to rub on her clit as my dick slips in and out of her. 

I shift, dropping her on her back and forcing him to move, driving as deep as I can and Mac pulls one of her legs back, holding her open wider for me. 

“Come on, baby,” he croons, biting at the skin of her stomach.

She moans, starts shaking beneath me right as I’m ready to come.

I quickly pull out but keep pumping my dick in my hand, and he yanks her away, rolls her onto him and fills her in one thrust.

“Fuck,” he rasps.

Chloe moans while I growl, holding on a second longer while I climb over his legs, spread her cheeks and come against her asshole. 

She shivers, her eyes cutting over her shoulder to look into mine. 

I keep jerking but smash my lips into hers and her arm comes up to wrap around my neck. 

I release her mouth and my dick and reach around to massage her stomach, slowly gliding my hands down to her hips and back.

I lean forward until she’s flat against his chest, forcing her to follow the movement of my hips with her own.

Mac’s hand slips between them, and soon she’s shaking between us. 

“Oh god,” she croaks before her muscles grow slack and she stops moving.

I drop onto my back beside them as Mac finishes inside her.

After a few minutes, Chloe lifts her head, looks from him to me and laughs. 

She rolls off, all three of us now staring up at the ugly ass ceiling. 

“I need to eat,” she says breathlessly.

“That’s too bad, Chlo,” I tell her, slowly turning my head to meet her eyes. “Mac was fed.”

Mac looks at me, a grin on his lips. He knows where I’m going. 

“It’s only fair you feed me next.”

Her eyes widen, her head snapping toward Mac when he pushes to his knees, spreading her legs apart. “Wait, now?! Oh my god, no. I need to shower after all that.”

We ignore her. 

Mac climbs off the bed once he has her legs how he wants them for me and moves to stand at the foot of the bed.

I climb between her legs, push her up the mattress until her head is falling over the edge.

Mac steps forward, sliding his dick across her mouth as I lower mine to her pussy.

I clamp my teeth around her clit and her eyes squeeze shut. She opens, tips her head back farther and pulls him in her mouth. 

I swirl my tongue around her pussy and her knees jerk up, clamping at the sides of my face, but I grip her heels and press them open wide, like a fucking butterfly with spread wings. 

I drop lower, delving my tongue in her pussy, while rubbing my nose across her clit and she clenches, a gurgled moan leaving her as she sucks Mac dry. 

Her hands are moving wildly, she can hardly stand how she’s feeling, has no clue what she wants more of. My dick, his dick, or our mouths. 

It makes her suck him harder and with more urgency, so I give her back what she serves him.

Her legs shoot straight in the air and she cries around him, her hands pulling his ass toward her and shoving his dick farther into her throat. 

She rides my face, hard and fast and I suck until she’s a shaking fucking mess. 

Trembling and twitching and squeezing her own tits, she’s so fucking turned on. 

She shifts, letting Mac’s dick fall from her mouth with a heavy pop and begs, “I need… fuck, I need—”

“Cock,” I tell her. “You need cock, don’t you, girl?”

“Mmm,” she moans. “Yes.” Her eyes hit Mac’s. “I need it.”

He groans, looking to me. “Give it to her. Now.”

I scoot to the edge of the bed, and she climbs up, swinging around me like I’m her favorite chair. 

“Fuck,” I croak, pushing her shoulders as I drive into her. “Thought you wanted this pussy, Mac? It’s good.” I moan.

“So good.” He tugs her hair to one side, exposing her neck for me.

I bite into her, then pull back so he can kiss the spot better.

“And I’m not done, but she needs to be a good girl and come for you first. Then I’ll stick my dick back inside her. I’ll fill you, baby, and he’ll play with your ass, just how you like it,” he promises her.

She whimpers while I swell at the thought of sliding between her cheeks. 

“Come for him,” Mac whispers in her ear.

Her legs wrap around me and she smashes her lips to mine, biting into my bottom lip hard enough I’m sure she drew blood, but the way her pussy hugs me, I’m not mad about it.

She comes around my cock, falling back against her man as she does.

“There you go, baby.” Mac kisses her cheek, looking to me with a grin. “Now we’ll feed you.”

He winks.

We’ll feed her all right.

From both sides.





Chloe laughs, catching another piece of popcorn in her mouth.

She’s leaning on one arm, her body tilted toward the fireplace, eyes moving to Royce who is fixing us a drink at the kitchen counter.

She looks back to me, so I lift my hand and brush her hair behind her ear.

“You good with all this?” I ask her.

She gives a light laugh. “Kind of late to say no, don’t you think?”

I smirk. “Yep.”

“Are you?” she asks. “You’re the one sharing, you and he haven’t touched.”

“It’s not about us.”

“Has it ever been?” she whispers. “About you and another guy.”

My eyes fall to her chest as her nipples pebble, her own mind heating her up and getting her ready. I meet her gaze.

“That’s something you’d want to see?”

She licks her lips, nodding. 

“Then you will, but not tonight. That’s not how we party.”

“What’s the matter, Mac Money.” Royce walks over, handing us our drinks. “You don’t want my dick in your mouth?” he jokes. 

I take the glass, sipping it slowly, and set it on the bricks of the fireplace. 

“Nah.” I pull Chloe into my lap, licking her neck. “I want your dick in hers.”

He drops down, bringing his lips an inch shy of Chloe’s. “That’s too bad, ‘cause it’s sandwich time, and I’m not talking about the kind you just ate, Chlo.”

She pushes forward, meeting his mouth with hers, and I slip my hand between them, running my fingers along her slit until her legs spread.

Royce settles between her legs, taking her mouth the way he likes and then he grips her by the thigh and lifts her from the ground. 

She grinds against him while he looks to me.

“Pussy’s yours, where you want it?”

I stand, make my way over to the kitchen table and pull out a chair. I flip it around and drop into it.

I slap my thigh and Royce moves his mouth back to Chloe’s, fucking it with his tongue as he brings her to me.

He drops her legs, sliding his hand up her ass crack as he releases her.

She spins, then climbs on me, aligns my dick with her opening and slides down.

We’re sitting straight up, so I’m deeper than before and she’s starting to get swollen, but she takes all of me, smashing her tits against my chest as she brings her mouth to mine.

When Royce backs away, she looks over her shoulder at him.

He moves for his liquor, then sits on the armchair a few feet from us, and watches. 

He tips his chin, so I bring my eyes back to Chloe, gripping her face in my palms as I kiss her.

She starts to roll her hips, slowly fucking me while the third member of our party looks on.

My eyes close, and I drop my head back, squeezing her hips.

When a deep moan comes from Royce, both our heads turn to find him stroking himself, his glass at his lips, eyes directed to where my dick slides in and out of her.

“She good and wet?”

I groan. “She’s fuckin’ drippin’.”

“Think she can take me?”

I reach around, spreading her ass apart, and blindly push on her hole as I shove as deep in her as I can go.

She clenches around me, a heady whimper escaping. 

“She can take you. She’s a fuckin’ champ, ain’t that right, baby?”

“Y—yes,” she stutters, moving her hands to grip the back of my thighs, bowing her back and shoving her tits in my face.

“Don’t let her come,” Royce snaps, downs his drink and hops up.

I force her hips still and she glares at me, making me grin.

He’s behind her in a second. 

His hand slides up her stomach and she jolts, her pussy clenching. I look down to the trail of water his ice cubes left behind. He slides it across her nipples, so I lean forward, blowing cool air over them and she shivers, but it’s got nothing to do with the cold.

Royce pulls back, his eyes meeting mine, so I spread her open again. “Fuck her slow.”

I allow my hips to lift the smallest bit and she leisurely rolls into me.

“We got lube?” he asks.


“Then let me in real quick.” 

He lifts Chloe off me, setting her feet together on the floor and bending her over so her hands are planted on the sides of me against the table.

He slips inside her, moves in and out a few times and her eyes close, but he’s out just as quick and she whimpers, her need to come growing.

“Let’s switch to the rug,” I tell him.  “It’ll make this smoother.”

The three of us move over a few feet, lowering to our knees.

“Bend her over, work your way inside, and then I’ll join.”

“Hear that, Chlo?” Royce mumbles into her ear, his body wrapped around her back as she pushes her ass against him, positioned on all fours. “Your man wants to watch me fuck you.”

Chloe’s eyes darken, lifting to mine.

Royce knows what he’s doing, he heard Chloe say she wanted to see him and me together, so he’s giving her this instead. 

Like I said, it’s not how we party, but words are just as powerful as a dick when it comes to pleasing a girl.

“Look at him, at his eyes. His cock.” Royce nudges at her asshole and her face pinches.

She’s taken me before, so this isn’t the first, but she’s tight, so I’m sure it still has her feeling stretched. 

“He’s swelling as we speak.” He pushes in a little more.

Chloe whimpers, so I slide closer.

“I bet the tip is gleaming with pre-cum. Have a taste for me, Chlo. Tell me if he needs to come.”

I stroke my dick, bringing it to her mouth, but she doesn’t just swipe her tongue across it, she sucks the head into her mouth, moaning around me.

Royce pushes in a little more.

She sucks harder, her head sliding up and down my shaft, so I start pumping into her mouth, my toes curling into the carpet as Royce pushes the rest of himself inside her.

He holds and she stiffens.

But slowly, she starts chasing, pushing her ass against him as she starts kissing my dick again, only to let it pop from her mouth. 

She grips my arm, slowly straightening so she’s on her knees between us, so I scoot in, putting one of mine on the outside of hers, aligning with her opening.

“You ready for me?” I whisper and she smashes her lips into mine, so I slide inside.

She cries out, her head falling back, landing on Royce’s shoulder and his hand comes around, squeezing one tit while I lick at the other.

I meet Royce’s eyes and we both start moving, keeping the same speed and the same thrust.

Our cocks are stretched inside her, the pressure of him filling her ass, pushing against her pussy.

I’m about to come already, and the way his face pulls, I can tell he is too.

She starts writhing between us, moving her hips in and out, taking us both and begging for more as she does.

She bites into Royce’s lips, kissing him hard, before coming back to mine and doing the same.

Her pussy squeezes me, and her ass must squeeze him because he moans, jerking inside her, a jerk I feel from my end. 

Her cries of pleasure keep us moving, we moan and groan and our cum spills into her as hers spreads over me.

My baby goes limp, falling into me and wincing slightly when Royce slides free.

He looks to me and I nod.

I tip her chin up, catching her eyes and then her mouth as I pull out.

Royce bends, scooping her in his arms and waits for me to open the back slider.

Both completely naked, he steps onto the deck and lowers her into the heated water while I turn on the jets.

I grab some snacks while he grabs some drinks and we meet her in the water.





I take the shot Mac pours me and relax into the corner of the giant ass hot tub.

My muscles are sore, but that good good sore that lets me know my performance was top notch, and Chloe’s next words confirm it.

“I don’t think I can go again.” Chloe laughs lightly. “You guys have officially wrecked my vagina.”

I chuckle, looking to Mac who smirks at her. “Yeah, I’m spent.”

“You mean a four-hour fuck session is all it takes to bring down the insatiable Royce Brayshaw,” Chloe teases, letting Mac feed her a strawberry.

“Careful, Chloe.” My eyes slide her way. “I still only half like you.”

“And he can still drive you mad, baby. There’s a lot we can do without sliding inside,” Mac reminds her.

She laughs and I allow my grin to slip.

Her eyes move from her man to me. “Thank you for this. It’s been fun.”

I nod, agreeing because it sure as fuck has.

Meaningless, easy, hot fun.

And soon it’ll be over. 

In a little while, Chloe will climb from the hot tub with Mac right behind her and they’ll head to bed, where they’ll sleep together as couples do.

As my brother and his new wife will tonight, and hell, maybe even the third Brayshaw and the blonde he refuses to admit he wants, who the fuck knows. 

Not me.

All I know is I’m gonna walk inside, drop in a bed that’s empty and wake up the same way, and I’m gonna keep telling myself that’s how I like it because it is.

I can’t go gettin’ my mind hijacked by pretty pussy and prettier eyes like my brothers did.

But for now, I’m gonna soak in this hot tub, drink this liquor, and get my dick sucked for the third time tonight.

And I’m gonna love every second of it.


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