Genre: Romance, Coming of Age, New Adult

Release Date: TBA


You know how every college has that one guy everyone wishes to be?


That’s me.


I’m the top dog. 

The number one. 

The big man on campus .



In my eyes, those things are goals met. Soild wins. 

In my new tutors, they mean nothing.

I mean nothing. 


Ain't that some bull?


Everybody love me, and if they don’t, they should.


I can't let a little book worm with a bun ruin my perfect score by allowing her to believe she's immune to my charm, so I guess I have to show her that's she not.



There’s no question I have the dirtiest curveball in the game, but talk about being thrown for one...


Not sure how this plan of mine lead to my being the one every other female out there that isn't her. 


This blows. 


I wonder if tutor girl does?

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