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Because I love you and Raven loves 420... 🤣 🙃

#ABrayshawBonus at your own risk 😛

"What are you doin, wife?"

Smirking, I kick my leg up and pull the blunt to my lips. "It's a national holiday. It would be rude not to celebrate."

“Rude for who, my brother?”

“Where is he anyway? We’re supposed to be hiding out until the gang gets back tomorrow.”

He glares across the yard at the empty pool. “I can’t believe you let them go to the cabins alone.”

Chuckling, I twist, throwing one leg over his lap so I’m straddling him on the seat. “Oh, come on, Big Man. They’re not little anymore. They earned it.”

He glares. “Should have made Zoey stay home.”

“Now you say it!”

Grinning,I glance to the left as Cap comes around the corners, lookin’ devilish in his all black suit.

Maddoc shifts his glare his brother. “You’re the one who said it was fine ‘cause Pheonix would be there.”

“It is fine. Everything is fine.” Vee appears next, her hair piled on her hair and tied back with a burgundy bandana, her lips the exact shade. “Don’t rile the man up, please. Took me a couple hours to get him to .. relax.”

I smile, and then comes the patronizing, “Ha!”

Maddoc and Captain groan as Royce bounds our way, giant ass puffy slippers that look like sneakers on his feet, shirt no where to be found, as usual.

“Fine, she says.” he smirks, snatching the blunt from my fingers and falling beside us on the outdoor couch. “Don’t forget my boys are there. Both of em. Together. Single. And with their daddies looks.”

“And mamas sense of self control.” Brielle smiles, crossing her arms as she steps up beside Victoria.

“Shit, maybe Champ… but the other one?” Royce teases, shaking his head, blowing smoke into the air. “Don’t be surprised when we get a call from the fucking park rangers.”

Victoria groans, dropping on the free side of me and Maddoc, and he looks to me, squeezing my thigh in warning, but I don’t stop oh so subtly pressing into him.

“Please god, not that again.” She holds the joint out to her husband, raising a brow.

“Someone has to be the sober one here” He raises one right back.

“Shut up, pac man. Your meeting is over and it’s a holiday. Celebrate.”

A smile tugs at his lips and he takes the blunt, but before he can pull it to his lips, tires screech in the drive, followed by soft shouts, then louder ones.

“I’ll fucking kill him, Zoey!”

“Oh my god, Pheonix, relax!”

“Who we killin’? Can I be the one to do it? Aunt Rae gave me a new knife!”

All heads snap my way and I can’t help but laugh. “My bad?”

“You’re acting like a pack of hyenas!” Zoey screams. “Back off already!”

“Here we go again..” Brielle chuckles.

Maddoc smiles and damn near jumps to his feet, easing me to mine with a quick kiss to my temple.

“Zoey, come back!” My youngest shouts. “Champ, stop her!”

I look to the girls, and we laugh as not one, but all three of our men grow way to fucking giddy to greet their demon spawns in the driveway.

Sighing, I shake my head. “We had less than twenty-four hours without utter chaos.”

“Yeah, but we’re Brayshaw.” Victoria bumps my shoulder with hers, a small smile on her lips as we watch Zoey booking it across the yard, hoping her grandpa can save her from whatever’s going on while knowing full well nothing will keep the boys out.

Brielle laughs when Champ trips, falling on his face and his twin hurdles over his body, stretching an arm out to wrap it around Zoey’s waist. She sighs, smiling, “We are the definition… of utter chaos.”

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